• Drivers took over 6 minutes hunting for a park increasing congestion and emissions while hurting retail spending (up to $4000 per day on main street)

  • Up to 20% of cars overstayed timed parking controls (ave 2hrs 16 mins in 2P)

  • 33% didn't buy a paid parking ticket due to lack of enforcement



  • 2 out of 3 drivers want smart and predictive parking

  • 1 in 3 drivers keep hunting for onstreet parking and refuse to park offstreet

  • CASE means EV's are going to be 30% of car sales by 2030, charge point are in demand and drivers will expect predictive parking 

  • You need data scientists to make sense of the information, provide actionable insights and mash up parking and traffic data.

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Roger Rooney

Managing Director

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WHAT'S THE GOAL? Photo by Jake Blucker on Unsplash

Project success requires a focused business case. One that delineates between outcomes and benefits to deliver impact at scale through high take-up and usage.


This sort of pre-project planning is rarely done, with many councils settling for a 'do something', technology proof of concept trial with no service integration testing or  business transformation process mapping.  


Successfully delivering the inward and outward facing benefits requires agreement on and engagement from Day 1, as parking is complex and the goals are many and varied: 

  • Deploying parking guidance systems to reduce ‘hunt time’, congestion, emissions

  • Providing sensor based data for targeting enforcement of overstayed vehicles

  • Proof of Value project that provides evidence for projecting smart parking's curbside impact, financial and economic returns and cost recovery models

  • Develop predictive parking models using machine learning to optimise demand during peaks and at hotspots



Once you have developed a focused business case, with agreed, measurable and achievable objectives, then we can start project planning your Smart Parking Proof of Value trial.


  • Staged Approach: councils may start from different points along the parking maturity pathway, which usually means three steps:

    • starting with informal parking to regulated parking (with lines and signs);

    • introducing time restricted FREE parking and deploying sensors for driver guidance and enforcement; 

    • deploying paid parking for high demand areas (around 10% of all public parking).

  • Change Management: garner support from stakeholders - identified as the key people you need to deliver a successful project and service. Get their attention and desire through selling the benefits and address the fears of the neutrals by working towards helping people find a park and comply (with time controls and payments)

  • Approach to market: the choices are seemingly endless on how to procure, but the key issue is the same; identify yours goals, requirements and then extract maximum value from the market. It's 'risk versus reward' and comes down to balancing out the need to get started and deliver benefits versus the need to take your time, get it right and the make it the most defensible approach.

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BTS Advisory provides you with grounded steps that are practical, marketable and deliver impact at scale through improved end user experience, lower travel times and increased churn. 

We offer

  • Business Case, outcomes and benefits identification, funding options and cost benefit analysis

  • Qualitative and Quantitative evaluation of benefits realisation and corrective action for stalled projects

  • Smart City project management:

    • market sounding;  

    • business case development and cost benefit analysis (CBA);  

    • community consultation and engagement strategies;

    • approach to market, documentation and tender assessment;

    • contract negotiation and expert review;

    • safety and design, implementation and service and data integration;

    • data insights, evaluation, surveying, briefing and executive reporting on impact and benefits realisation;


  • Value for money negotiating better price and additional value from vendors 

  • Product development and innovation, business transformation, UX design sprints

  • Data science as a service and predictive parking models

  • Public Private Partnerships with private carparks

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Lucal Lovell, Managing Director, Hoptstay



We had begun a Smart Parking technology Proof of Concept trial when Roger met with our team and we agreed on a new goal; conduct a Proof of Value trial to test smart parking's ability to reduce driver’s time searching for available parking during peak tourist season. Roger also added enforcement to the scope which led to the business transformation of how we patrolled and infringed overstayed vehicles.


He was instrumental in boosting smart parking coverage and tailoring our surveys to identify the impact of real time parking availability data - which reduced driver search times by 61% along with his data insights and cost benefit analysis has formed the basis for our business case for scaling out across the shire.

We credit this successful trial and being able to confidently take the next steps significantly towards Roger’s hands on expertise, enthusiasm and can do attitude.

- Doug Bradbrook - 
Principal Transport Engineer, Mornington Peninsula Shire Council

Rye Smart Parking Trial

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